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The Story of K & K Style Photography

Well hello there!

We are Angie & Cameron Knobel, a fun-loving husband-wife photography team.

Back in 2005 Angie started working in a corporate studio. After many years, 7 to be exact, Angie became very unhappy with corporate restrictions. Angie really loved taking photographs and the customers, but after long thought she eventually left that studio to become a stay-at-home mom.

Fast forward to 2010, When Jen and Angie created K & K Style Photography LLP. We did very well as a best friend photography team until December 2013, but unfortunately due to Jen's need to be with her family she had to leave the business and become a stay at home mom again. I will miss working with her dearly, but am so excited to see where we go in the coming years.

So now here we are in 2015 now a husband and wife team! We work very well together. Cameron has been photographing along side of Angie for years now, more serious the past year or so.

Angie is what you would call a traditional photographer, but is becoming more modern in time. Cameron is excellent at candid shots. His creativity is just in your face, fun.  So as you can see we make one well-rounded team!

Angie & Cameron